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Arshi Khan And Sapna Choudhary Take The Battle To Kaalkothri


Arshi Khan And Sapna Choudhary Take The Battle To Kaalkothri

Bigg Boss 11, October 13: A still from the show (courtesy BiggBoss)

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 11, Froday Ka Fasla was presented in the format of a news bulletin, anchored by news personality Saurav Sharma with actress-model Sargun Mehta and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Manu Punjabi as guests. The day started off with Hina Khan bickering about how Captain Vikas Gupta is assigning work to each and every housemate expect himself. Hiten Tejwani asked Hina to calm down, adding he’s ready to do the surplus work. The housemates also lost out on Rs 1000 from the luxury budget for sleeping through the day and speaking in English. As the day made its progress on Bigg Boss, the guest commentators continued to make appearance with interspersed segments.

It was a very different morning at the Bigg Boss house because it is probably the first time that Shilpa and Vikas, the two warring contestants, had a pacified conversation. “Aapko gussa control mein rakhna chahiye,” Shilpa advised Vikas, who seemed to take it into consideration.

Soon, the mood of the house heated up as Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta carrying on with their usual banter on Bigg Boss. Vikas chose Hina to spend that night in the kaalkothri without a legitimate reason, which prompted her to think that it Arshi who’s advised Vikas. Soon the focus shifts from Shilpa and Vikas to Arshi and Shilpa, who exchange allegations for not keeping the house clean.


Then it was time for Arshi Khan vs her self-proclaimed enemy Sapna Chaudhary, who also decides to give Hina Khan company in the jail. In another turn of events, Arshi also got nominated to be jailed in the kaalkothri with the other two. Arshi successfully provoked Sapna with her antics – Sapna sprayed insecticide all over Arshi, who then slammed the chairs that were inside the jail area. It was Hina Khan to the rescue who somehow managed to bring the situation in control.

Till late at night, Vikas and Hiten kept company to the three housemates stuck in the kaalkothri.

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