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Plan To Remove That Mole At Home? Read This First!


Plan To Remove That Mole At Home? Read This First!

Plan To Remove That Mole At Home? Read This First!

At most times skin blemishes are little more than an annoyance. Yes, they can affect your self-confidence and make you want to take a scalpel to your skin, but this is not the best idea, especially when you’re dealing with moles. But what about other home treatments for mole removal?

Plan To Remove That Mole At Home? Read This First!

Plan To Remove That Mole At Home? Read This First!

Before you decide to purchase that mole removal cream or try a home remedy for moles, take some time to enlighten yourself about the possible consequences of using such methods of mole removal at home.

Home Mole Removal Risks

While some mole removal products will seem to work, the very process of mole removal is fraught with risks, because of the nature of moles. Moles are not just growths like skin tags or calluses, but are sites where pigment cells accumulate together to form moles. This improves their ability to prevent UV damage, but they pose other risks.


“When you remove a mole with an incision, it can cause profuse bleeding; the higher risk is of its reappearance even darker than before”

Normally, cutting into a mole will not make it bleed, unless an incision is made where the mole meets the skin surface. This is because upper layers consist of melanocytes, while the base makes contact with skin, in which there are blood capillaries. Cutting at the base will therefore result in profuse bleeding.

While cutting at the base will create the impression of complete mole removal, it poses a huge risk of infection and scarring. Moreover, despite appearances, it is unlikely that you can remove all the accumulated pigmented cells at home. As a result, the mole will eventually reappear in an even darker shade than before.


“There have been several instances of consumers suffering burns & thick scarring after using mole removal creams, including ‘natural’ products”

Many mole removal products sold online contain chemicals and ‘natural’ ingredients that either have no effect on moles or are downright dangerous. There have been several instances of consumers suffering burns and thick scarring after using such mole removal creams.

Some mole removal creams may also remove underlying healthy skin, creating pitted skin or depressions. Another common problem that results is the appearance of lumpy red scars that must be treated with lasers and steroid creams.


“Moles can sometimes be cancerous & removal in such cases can be deadly, allowing it to hide & spread beneath the surface”

Yes, you read that right. Although most moles are benign, they can also be early warning signs of cancer, in which case mole removal at home is the worst thing you can do. Cancer cells proliferate rapidly, forming tumors, and damaging healthy tissues. While this may make mole removal seem like a good idea, it’s not.

When you excise a mole at home, it may look like you’ve solved the problem, but cancer cells can still remain hidden beneath the surface, from where they can spread further into the skin. Dermatologists can recognize cancerous moles and upon suspicion can conduct biopsies to identify cell abnormalities and prevent any further spread.

What You Should Do

While most moles should be no cause for concern, unsightly moles can be removed safely by a dermatologist after examination. Dermatologists will recommend different techniques of removal, depending on the risks involve, cell abnormalities, and so on. Cryotherapy is commonly used for the removal of different types of moles, and is highly effective.

Keep in mind that adults should be particularly cautious about the sudden appearance of a mole or sudden changes in moles, such as itching or bleeding. These signs can be indicative of cancer, but in case of early detection, treatment can be highly effective. Whatever you do, avoid removing a mole at home now that you know the risks!


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